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Remembering the abundance of nature

Abundance, as May draws to a close it’s a good time to take a moment for thinking about the past few months of spring. To think back about all those moments when you saw something that took your breath away. To think back to when you observed something from a whole new perspective.
In a world where we are constantly heading in a forward direction, thinking about where and what we are going to do next. To take a moment to be present is not just important but something that we should be trying to do each day. Taking a moment to look back and remember is something even rarer, something we so often forget to do.
As spring starts to roll into summer before we know it summer will be rolling into autumn. Our memories are who we are. Remember your own experiences of these past few months of spring. Smile at the fun times you have had, learn from the things that didn’t perhaps go as planned. What were you doing this time last year, or the year before? Remember the people you were with, some may no longer be here with us but we can still experience the joy we shared with them.
We are a collection of unique memories, memories that create our own version of the world. With the rain and the warmth of the sun, a renewed abundance is cast over our landscape. New memories are created and old memories celebrated.
To be grateful each day will help our own landscape, our version of the world to also become full of abundance. To end each day in reflection, to start each day with gratitude for what is to come. Life is not complicated only the stories we tell ourselves often get in the way.

Remembering the abundance spring

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