The Story

Maps of reality


"Attention," a voice began to call, and it was as though an oboe had suddenly become articulate. "Attention," it repeated in the same high, nasal monotone. "Attention."
  Lying there like a corpse in the dead leaves, his hair matted, his face grotesquely smudged and bruised, his clothes in rags and muddy, Will Farnaby awoke with a start. Molly had called him. Time to get up. Time to get dressed. Mustn't be late at the office.
  "Thank you, darling," he said and sat up. A sharp pain stabbed at his right knee and there were other kinds of pain in his back, his arms, his forehead.
  "Attention," the voice insisted without the slightest change of tone. Leaning on one elbow, Will looked about him and saw with bewilderment, not the gray wallpaper and yellow curtains of his London bedroom, but a glade among trees and the long shadows and slanting lights of early morning in a forest. "Attention"?
  Why did she say, "Attention"?
  "Attention. Attention," the voice insisted-how strangely, how senselessly! 
On November 7th, 2016 my own map of reality was challenged with the unexpected death of a very close friend. At age 41 to the outside world, Justin was a fit and healthy young man. The inside world told a very different story. Undiagnosed ischemic heart disease was limiting the blood flow to Justin’s heart, the consequence was a fatal heart attack.
This event marked my own “Will Farnaby moment”. Aldous Huxley in his 1962 novel Island tasked the job to mynah birds to repeat intermittently the words "Attention", and "Here and now, boys, here and now", as a way to remind Pala's inhabitants to come back to the present moment all the time.
Stress had become my own dominant attribute in the few years leading up until my own “Will Farnaby moment”. I had become lost in my own false beliefs and ideals. Once the chaos of Justin's death had begun to settle the opportunity arose to observe my own map of reality and to change it.




My name is Stephen Andrews and this is the website I’m using to present my diploma in applied permaculture design. In 2014 I took my Permaculture Design Certificate at Ragmans Lane Farm Gloucestershire followed by Patrick Whitefield Associates “Land course on-line”.
Having my own “Will Farnaby Moment” 5 months into my permaculture diploma has had a significant effect on the direction my 10 designs will take.
A cherry picked quote from Wikipedia by Bill Mollison who along with David Holmgren coined the term “permaculture” in 1978 has said: "Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labour; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system."
With this in mind part of my aims and goals for my diploma is to see how effectively we can also use the permaculture philosophy to look at changing our own thought patterns.    

Abundant systems


Permaculture is about creating abundant systems that are sustainable, that nourish the environment and bring benefit both locally and globally. Using different permaculture frameworks I will combine various other tools and approaches to develop some easy to follow designs to improve my own map of reality whilst creating abundance in my own life and those around me. Justin is my inspiration for change and I’m grateful to be given a “Will Farnaby Moment”.