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Here comes the Oca

After the long winter months, it’s a good feeling to be potting up the oca tubers. It’s interesting how much change can happen in a few months. I had got into the habit of expecting things to stay the same year after year. Observing the spark of life in the oca and the desire to grow in the darkness of the attic where they have been stored these past few months, I just expected them to start to grow without giving it much thought. Perhaps I had lost how important the new shoots once were to our ancestors who would have had to rely on taking care of what they needed to eat to live another year.
If my oca does not grow it’s no big deal, today we have so many options available as to where to buy food. This is thanks to a modern luxury that is held together with what can only be called fairy dust. Industrial agriculture the perfect solution to disconnect you from your food.
plenty of oca tubers to select from
stunning colours
over wintered salad greens ready for eating with the oca hiding below

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