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Covered in this blog post for our Richmond and Dales Permaculture Network - foraging in the area - our short-term objectives  - website - social media  - things to be on the lookout for.

Carrie with a handful of locally foraged Bilberries.

Summer Foraging

Before we look at the technical side of  things regarding the Richmond and Dales Permaculture Network lets go foraging....

 As the long days of summer roll on now is the time to be out enjoying the warm weather. This summer I’ve been busy wandering around Richmond foraging the hedgerows and fields looking for flowers and plants to create amazing tasting teas and health giving infusions. Here is a list of what I'm currently foraging for in the local area.

- Elderflower

- Honeysuckle flowers

- Oxeye Daisey Nettle

- Red Clover

- Dog-Rose petals

 - Nettle 

- Dandelion leaves

- Horsetail 

- Bilberry

- Alpine Strawberry

 - Wild Cherry

 - Sweet Cicely 

Foraged - Elderflower, Nettle, Red Clover, Horsetail
Wild Dog-Rose and Elderflower tea

Website update

These sunny days are not the best time to be sat working on a computer so I've put together a simple holding page for our Richmond and Dales Permaculture Network. I’m hosting the holding page on this website until later on in the year when I'll look to move it over to a separate site. 

I've bought the domain name richmondpermaculture.org.uk for our network so the idea is to use this URL on any social media and promotional work. I've redirected this new domain name back to this website thepollengardens.com and masked the name showing the visitor the URL of richmondpermaculture.org.uk to avoid confusion. The logic for doing this is to get people familiar with the richmondpermaculture.org.uk domain name.   

Home page of our Richmond and Dales Permaculture Network

Mind mapping Richmond and Dales Permaculture Network objectives

Richmond and Dales Permaculture Network is still very much an idea inside my head, it's direction and objectives will hopefully become more expanded when I've put the word out with continuous promotional material over the coming months. I'm starting off with the simple things first by posting on social media to help us develop a collection of material to work from.

To help people build their own understanding of permaculture I'll be posting YouTube clips which other people have made that capture and tell their own various stories where permaculture has had its influence and found it's way into their lives. The Facebook group will be an ideal  platform for this kind of presentation.

Twitter and Instagram are the other two social media platforms I'm going to be posting on. On each of these two platforms, I'm going to use a similar method of combining the permaculture principles with high-quality photography telling a local story of how these principles interact with our daily lives.    

Through these visual explanations of permaculture people will be able to get a sense of how far-reaching permaculture is whilst at the same time inspire people to want to learn more. Sounds like a simple task.     

To paint a picture of how I plan to grow this network I’ve used some mind mapping software showing the various pathways I’ll be looking to explore. The mind map show's projects that I've already started working on and future ideas.  




Richmond and Dales Permaculture Network Mind Map

How can you help?

The easiest way to help our network grow is to support us on social media. Social media is an excellent way of moving information around with very little impact on our already very busy lives. Join our facebook group, follow us on Instagram, retweet our posts on twitter it all helps to spread the word. We are also looking for local people to get involved in any way they wish, even if you are totally new to the whole concept of permaculture but feel inspired to learn more, please get in touch either through social media or through my contact page.   

Keep your eyes open

To end with here are three things to enjoy with your observation skills.

Unbeknown to most people we actually have our own population of lizards living around Richmond and the surrounding dales, summer is an excellent time to spot these little guys. We also have lots of fantastic dragonfly's performing mindblowing aerobatic skills in our airspace so when you out looking for lizards don't forget to look up. If on the other hand, you would like to look for something a little more calming we have some of the most beautiful wildflowers growing in our local countryside, a favourite is the "common spotted orchid." 

Most importantly go outside and enjoy summer.


Have joy

Stephen Andrews


Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Common Spotted Orchid
Common Lizard

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