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I’ve made a start today on getting the oca tubers potted up, they have been in the attic since harvesting them from the allotment at Christmas but I noticed that they had started to grow so have now popped them into some pots and put them into the grow house outside.

oca straight out of the attic


oca looking very keen to get growing


6 oca tubers of a different kind


I also potted up the yacon tubes which I harvested around October last year, It was the first time I’ve grown yacon and was not too sure how the tubers would fair been chopped up but as you can see they have held their own and are looking really healthy and starting to grow.

these yacon tubers were cutup last October and stored in soil in the attic until today


both oca and yacon potted up


safely in the grow house


A bit of a look around the rest of the garden you will see several Daubentons perennial kale which all came from one cutting I got of Charles Dowding in 2014 during my permaculture design course when we headed over on our day off to Shift Bristol’s open day where Charles gave a talk. I’ll be taking all but two of these plants over to the allotment in the coming months. The daylily ‘Stella de Oro’ is growing very well at the moment and the goji berry is coming into leaf.


Daubentons perennial kale, one which will be staying in this garden


Daubentons perennial kale waiting to go and live at the allotment


Daubentons perennial kale, plant number two which will be staying where it is


Hemerocallis Stella de Oro, (daylily ‘Stella de Oro’)


kale ready to harvest


pansy flowering amongst the celery herb



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